The most advanced bicycle protection to date.

RAD Kits

There are 2 kits: The RAD Kit and the UNIVERSAL RAD Kit. Each kit is available in MATE or BRILLIANT version.

The RAD and RAD UNIVERSAL kits are the only beneficiaries of the BODYFENCE X technology owned by the French HEXIS group.  

These kits act as a shield on your bike, no more paint chips, chain impacts, sheath rubs and transport shocks. 

The RAD film is : 

- Anti-puncture

- Anti-Impact

- Self-healing 

- Hydrophobic and non-yellowing.

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Never before has such a fine film protected so much with style.

Self-adhesive kit with an exclusive design. It fits and protects all bicycle frames on the market. 

Adjustable film with scissors, tips and instructions accompany your kit.

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Self-adhesive kit completely transparent and without logo. This kit preserves the surfaces that need protection. It is suitable for all bicycle frames on the market.

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