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    • Optimum protection : Scientifically developed formula for effective protection against punctures.
    • Versatility : Suitable for all types of tires (MTB, road, tubular, standard) and all types of use (leisure, professional).
    • All-weather use : Suitable for year-round use, even in frosty weather.
    • Easy to apply : Compatible with all valves with removable shells, easy to use and to renew every 4 to 6 months.

    Want to ride your bike with peace of mind? Visit Monkey Sealant puncture preventive is the ideal solution for you! Scientifically developed, this preventive guarantees optimum protection against bicycle wheel punctures. Monkey Products offers you the best value for money. durability and repair capability a puncture.

    Thanks to its innovative formula preventive liquid Monkey Sealant covers the tire sidewalls for fast, effective sealing. Its high-quality, low-viscosity latex spreads easily without unbalancing the wheel. Whether you're cyclo-cross, the route or the MOUNTAIN BIKING, this preventive is suitable for all levels, from leisure cyclists to professionals. No need to worry about terrain or weather conditions, you can set off on your cycling trip with complete peace of mind.

    The puncture prevention Monkey Products is ideal for mountain bike tiresroute without chambertubular and standard. It repairs flat tires up to 6 mm in diameter ! What's more, it can also be used as a preventive measure with inner tubes.

    Compatible with all valves with removable shells, the preventive Monkey Sealant is suitable for year-round use, even in frosty weather. Its effectiveness is immediate at the slightest air leak.

    For optimum use against punctures, shake the bottle well before use and replace it in the tire every 4 to 6 months.

    Don't wait any longer and give your bike the protection with Monkey Products' puncture prevention!